This first group of photo's were shot at Cal Arts around 1981. I had just left the character animation program to go work for Disney in  the animation department when I made the

Joey puppet for fun.  The way the the puppet would work is that you would place your hands and feet inside the puppet's arms and legs while sitting on a rolling chair. As someone pushed the chair you would move your legs and arms to make it look as if it were running. Lifting the puppet's arms up would also open the mouth.


     Mark Dindal, director of Disney's "Chicken Little" and at the time an effects animator, was especially good at puppeteering Joey as he ran down the hallways of the animation building on the lot.  He ending up helping me puppeteer Joey at the shoots I did at Cal arts. ( I was fortunate to still have some friends at Cal Arts who had connections to checking out the equipment and use of the sound stage so I brought some of the large scale sets there to shoot).  Mark Dindal is pictured in the first photo along with his wife and fellow animation student Daphne Dindal.


                                                          There are many of my other friends pictured in the photo's as well including Rick Garside (the cinematographer), June Fujimoto who's been a


                                                          Clean-up artist in the business for over 20 years, Dave Pruiksma an amazing supervising animator,  and myself..... oh my god, I have no

                                                          wrinkles! I owe so much to all these dear friends who were nice enough to help me out with this crazy idea,

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